Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some things that make me happy:

*Visiting a new health food store for the first time and exploring.
*Searching for black and white nature photos online to copy and make the wallpaper on my phone (I do this once a week).
*Visiting the Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves website and imagining the animals are mine.
*Looking at the sent folder on my computer and reminiscing.
*Chopping fresh fruits and veggies on my tiny bamboo cutting board.
*Listening to a song I know very well and choreographing the music video in my head.
*Seeing how clean I can get my MacBook without harming it.
*The sound of my grandmother's spoon scraping her bowl when she's eating ice cream. I get chills.
*Admiring my pink iPhone case with the flowers on it. I love how beautifully the pink case and the black and white photo go together.
*Squeezing a random baby's pudgy leg/wrist
*Staring at an exhausted dog's smiley face.
*Eating with my hands.

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