Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Why is it that I love Einstein so gosh darned much? Maybe it's the disheveled hair. I do love myself a messy smarty-pants. Or maybe I love that he was a vegetarian for most of his life.  Or that he was one of the most brilliant minds of all time and never felt more special than anyone, his intelligence actually made him feel more connected to people and the world around him. He lived his life with great humility (and we all know intelligence without humility is pretty much useless). Personally, E=Mc2 doesn't do much for me, but I appreciate the work and the passion. You know what? I just really love his face. He looks like the sweetest weathered child. I would have loved to have had him as my grandpa and just stared at that face all day long. We'd have taken long walks together in Central Park and trekked all over the city wearing Walkmans and riding skateboards. (Yeah, he'd ride a skateboard. Why not?) And in between listening to Mary J Blige and Terence Trent D'arby, he'd amuse me with his ramblings on physics and the theory of relativity and the universe stuff and whatnot. I'd giggle and beg him to stop talking and just get back on the skateboard. Ohhhhhh, Einstein. You're the best.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Poor little guy. He thinks he looks good.

Nom nom nom...

Superman's like, "Seriously, Asshole? You've got some nerve."

I just wanna whisper a sweet lullaby in his ear. I also wanna put him in some sweatpants.

What. The. Fuck.


Out my window, this is what I see...

Friday, December 24, 2010


Things have been a little rough for the past six months. I'm not gonna get into the details of it all, but it's been bad enough that I've been driven to finding new ways of living that takes the focus off of my world. When I finally got so fed up with the unsatisfying self pity, I decided to try something different and joined a volunteering organization called New York Cares. This was the best move I could've ever made. Over the past 60 days, I've read to kids, danced with disabled seniors, fed the homeless, played Bingo with some old folks on the Lower East Side, taught underprivileged kids how to use a computer, and partied with people with HIV. The most fun I had was hanging out with the men and women at GMHC. They were all so friendly and lovely and positive that I left feeling like a new and improved Jona. There's a wonderful kind of chemical magic that happens when you give of yourself without any hopes of a reward. Giving just for the sake of giving. A deep feeling of calm takes over. A feeling of purpose. The act of helping is transformative. Try it and you'll see!

New perspective. New blog.

Happy holidays, Everyone. : )