Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I celebrated Thanksgiving with my closest friends Priya and her husband Winston. Priya and I have been friends for over EIGHTEEN years. We all drove to Winston's brother's place in Connecticut. Priya drove the Mini cooper, Winston acted as DJ and Saimon (her precious beagle) kept me company in the back...

Saimon was a little hysterical in the car 'cause he didn't understand where the hell we were going and assumed someone was going to the airport and leaving on a jet plane for good because of all the bags of stuff (food) we put in the car, so he was flipping out (poor baby). (Stuff=vegan pumpkin pie, mashed yams with maple syrup, banana cake and vegan stuffing. Yum-ee.) We got a little lost and there was quite a bit of traffic but about three hours later, a bunch of Flamenco and Rihanna songs later, we were in Connecticut and greeted by this little guy:

That drive made us hungry as hell. We were all staaaaaarving, but we had to wait for everyone to arrive before we could start eating. Meh. And people just kept arriving! By the time we started eating there were like 40 people there: Uncles and cousins and friends of cousins and mommies and daddies and kids of all ages and a yeah, a TON of food:

And salads...

(Hey. That's not a bad couple of iPhone photos. Damn. Go, iPhone camera.)

We ate. And then...we sang:

Well, I taped Priya singing the second half of the Elton John song (we sang the first half together but no one had the guts to document that). But then I decided to Beat It:


Winston's bro (Richard) and his wife Kathy really got into it too:

Priya, Winston, Saimon and I left totally stuffed and happy. Priya and I felt like we were getting sore throats from getting so close to that contaminated mic while doing karaoke (licked by every kid in the house). But, whatever, that's what vitamin C is for. Before we even said our goodbyes, Saimon was passed OUT in the backseat of the Mini. Maybe it was from eating all the turkey and mashed plantains and all the kids tugging at him, but he also could have been wiped out from meeting a bunny rabbit for the first time.

Check it out:

And good night.

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  1. Looks like such a fun Thanksgiving! Happy holidays!