Friday, December 24, 2010


Things have been a little rough for the past six months. I'm not gonna get into the details of it all, but it's been bad enough that I've been driven to finding new ways of living that takes the focus off of my world. When I finally got so fed up with the unsatisfying self pity, I decided to try something different and joined a volunteering organization called New York Cares. This was the best move I could've ever made. Over the past 60 days, I've read to kids, danced with disabled seniors, fed the homeless, played Bingo with some old folks on the Lower East Side, taught underprivileged kids how to use a computer, and partied with people with HIV. The most fun I had was hanging out with the men and women at GMHC. They were all so friendly and lovely and positive that I left feeling like a new and improved Jona. There's a wonderful kind of chemical magic that happens when you give of yourself without any hopes of a reward. Giving just for the sake of giving. A deep feeling of calm takes over. A feeling of purpose. The act of helping is transformative. Try it and you'll see!

New perspective. New blog.

Happy holidays, Everyone. : )


  1. Great post, Jona! Awesome-looking blog, too.

  2. I can't say enough great things about volunteering and NYCares. After doing it for nearly six years, I still feel awesome after every project. I've done all sorts of things over the years, but the ones that I love best are the ones with kids involved. Good luck with your new outlook on life!

  3. ANONYMOUS- Thanks! What's your name?!

    DORKYS- Yeah,I worked with New York Cares many years ago, but had forgotten how good the work made me feel. I was mainly assisting the blind, but yes, working with kids is definitely the most fun. I saw on Facbook that you and Andrew are stranded in LA? Not a bad place to be stranded given what the weather is like in NY and especially when you got your beau right there with you. : )

    Thanks for following the blog!

  4. Yup, we're stuck here til Thursday. Thank goodness we aren't staying in a hotel!