Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nerd alert

Okay, so the Apple store (in Soho) might be one of my favorite spots to chill in all of NYC. I love (too weak a word) to go there and get all up in their free hotspot, play with the latest gadgets and gawk at the lovely Genius boys milling about. I ask the fellas stupid questions like, "How do I change the brightness on my iPhone?" Or, "Where's the power button?!" It's fun to play dumb (sometimes). So last night when the volume on my iPhone stopped working, instead of getting pissed off and annoyed, I actually got excited! "Woo-hoo, I HAVE to go to Apple tomorrow! Woo-hoo!" I realize I sound like a total nerd, but so WHAT. I'm a nerd. Okay, maybe dork is a better word. I love vegetables (especially brussels sprouts) and not drinking alcohol (ever) and getting at least eight hours of sleep every night and spending quality time at the Apple store. Bite me.


I got to Prince Street around 1pm (after my photography class). I checked in with the friendly hipster at the top of the stairs. She told me the "geniuses" were running a little behind and asked if I would mind waiting. "Not at all!" I said. So I did just that. I waited. And I gawked. I saw a guy who kinda looked like Josh Hartnett but thinner and with glasses. He was on the verge of being hot. Just fell ever so slightly short of the mark, but he was definitely cute. Then I saw a guy that was not cute at all (about 5 feet tall and 190 pounds with dreads and a beard), but I was still delighted by his presence. He had a fun personality. I even enjoyed looking at the ladies. I noticed a chunky chick wearing bright red lipstick (probably Nars "Jungle Red") and lacy turquoise tights and short suede skirt and ballet flats with pitch black hair (in a bun) and a walkie talkie. She just looked like a good time. And then there was that teeny tiny lady who was barely there. She stood in the corner and just smiled at people. That was her job. She never said a word. She just smiled. "I love this place!" I shouted in my head. Finally, it was time to be seen. A genius with bad skin and Vans shimmied over to help me (they can't all look like Josh).  I told him the problem. He said, "Okay, since it's a hardware problem, we're just gonna replace that for you at no cost." He then took the old volume-less phone away and in ten minutes I was syncing the new one on my computer (the one with the Banksy sticker on it that I like to show off at all Apple locations). Beautiful. I then spent the next hour playing with the iPad 2 and gazing lovingly at the 11 inch MacBook Air. I left Apple totally fulfilled.

Any other nerds out there? Reveal yourself!


  1. Outstanding. (And well-written too.) I love it when stuff works out like that. It's nice to just LOOK at the world and be happy about what you're seeing and feeling.


  2. Hi, Jona, I like your blog, it is so rich in visual words. I feel I am there : ) Your Creative Night yesterday was fantastic, - you could not of done a better job for the first time too!!
    Are you going to write a blog about that event? Be sure to write something nice about me LOL.
    Check out my new edition Blog about art Curbing Spring Fever >

  3. Thanks for commenting, Aimee! And BTW, it took me a while to figure out who was leaving this comment. Sign your name next time, Anonymous! : ) I'm not sure if I'll blog about the group. I think I just wanna keep that separate from my other worlds. : )