Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogging will have to wait...

I've been in the South of France for the past few days! I'm staying with my (half-)brother at his mom's house (MANSION!) in a small medieval village in the mountains. They have WiFi (pronounced "wee-fee" in France), but it's not working with my computer (blehhhhh), so I'm using his mum's computer  to write this. And since I can't upload photos and photos are what make this blog cool, blogging will have to wait. I'm still taking a ton of pics, though, and will resume sharing when I get back to London. Just know that I'm having a wonderful time. Oh and it's fucking COLD here!!! Thank God I have awesome company to keep me warm.

For now I'm gonna leave you with a hilarious clip from a new British show called Come Fly With Me. It stars the two talented Brits that brought us Little Britain. Here's the clip:

Carry on...


  1. HAHA! Those British dudes are hilarious. Thank for sharing. : )


  2. Seriously! Check out their other clips. You'll be laughing for days. : )