Saturday, October 15, 2011


So three (or four?) days ago, I changed the URL on the blog to make it a little more private (to keep certain people from reading about me and also to prevent FP from tracking me down). Then I decided to change the privacy settings, so that the blog didn't show up on Google searches. Then I took it even further and had the idea to make this blog totally private (readers would actually need an invitation to read it) so that I could start bad-mouthing people and not be so careful with my posts and not worry about *any* repercussions (other than karma). So I tried this for a few days and wasn't really thrilled with the results. My stats suffered quite a bit. And it's just not as much fun having a blog if you know exactly who's reading it. It's kinda fun NOT knowing. And I don't think I've said anything that incriminating about FP, so I think I'm good as far as getting sued is concerned. And I can just bad-mouth people in my journal, I don't need a blog for that. I want a blog that's welcoming and not another fucking hassle. So the blog is flying free, Bitches! Hassle-free.