Monday, May 2, 2011

D.C. with the boys

Zack and Brandon and I took a last minute jaunt to Nationals park in Washington D.C. It's usually a four hour drive, but Zack was doing 185 the entire time, so we made it there in twenty minutes. 

We were scared for our lives.


Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. Maybe he wasn't going 185, but he really was going close to 100 the entire time. I swear.

We listened to a LOT of oldies (Zack's music). A slew of doo-wop gems (good lord) and 80s tunes (ohmy). Brandon's a videgrapher for a rock band, so he doesn't know from oldies. Every time a new oldie came on, Brandon (and I) would roll his (our) eyes and sigh audibly. (FYI: Zack *does* have other music that I really like, but for some reason the S's didn't turn out to be a hip bunch of songs.)

Then Brandon tried to distract Zack with porn...

Luckily, Zack has an incredible amount of focus and will power, so he managed to not crash the car.

Here's Brandon (being a man of many colorful hats) cleaning off bird shit from the car window with great skill and precision (and Zack pretending he's trapped inside)...

And here's Zack overseeing the whole car window cleaning process...

Zack offered Brandon a buck for his efforts, but Brandon refused to take it. What a mensch.

We arrived at Nationals Park about three hours later.

Brandon had his fancy SLR and I had mine, so he videotaped Zack in action and I took photos.

Here are a couple cool shots:

Haha. Look at the ushers looking at Zack like, "What's happening exactly?"

And here's one of Z giving a ball away to a kid at the end of the day:

That kid was pretty stoked.

We made our way back to the the car shortly after that. We listened to Brandon's music this time. A lot of Kings of Leon (hell yeah!) and Paramore (aww yeah!) and Foo Fighters (eh). At some point in Jersey, we picked up some processed snacks: honey mustard pretzels, Ritz peanut butter crackers, and a bottle of water for me, pepperoni something or other, Fig Newtons, and honey mustard pretzels (copycat!) for Z and Doritos and an orange soda for Brandon.

We dropped Brandon off at his rock band bus outside of the La Quinta hotel in Clifton, New Jersey and then we said our goodbyes.

Zack and I hopped back in the car and continued driving to the city. We made it back to Z's place twenty minutes later. Zack drove at a reasonable pace, BTW.

Fun fun day. : )


  1. Fun entry! I like how you captured the non-baseball parts of the day. Of course, the baseball parts were pretty good too.


  2. Great pics!! Your composition was always good, but your composition has been upped since your photo class!

  3. Z-
    Thanks! Yeah, I suppose the baseball part was ayyite, too. : P


    You are too kind. But honestly, the best pics tend to come out that way by accident.