Thursday, May 26, 2011

Raw food

I've been on a raw food kick for the past couple of weeks and I have to say that I feel grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-ATE!. I think everyone should try adding more raw fruits and veggies to their diet. I mean, you really can't go wrong. No need to go 100% raw vegan, if that's not your bag (,Baby). But now that the warmer weather is approaching, it's going to be easier than ever to add more uncooked foods into our diets like huge green salads, fresh juices, green smoothies, etc. I've been really inspired by a bunch of people that follow a raw vegan lifestyle.

Check 'em out:

And I'm not gonna lie, next to raw food being super-yummy and of course, good for you (I mean, hello), it's also just nice to not have to COOK. I simply cut up some veggies and throw together a dressing and I'm ready to eat! I actually brought a salad with me to Yankee Stadium yesterday. No joke. The salad contained: kale, spinach, avocado, tomato, and sprouted sunflower seeds. I made the dressing from raw tahini (ground sesame seeds), lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and organic garlic salt. Simple, delicious and satisfying. That salad (plus a couple of raw brownies and a banana) gave me enough energy to run around all afternoon with Zack-ah-roonie. I might have received a few strange looks from the hot dog and chicken finger eater baseball fans around me, but fuck 'em! Not really. Ahem. I fully enjoyed my meal and I hope they enjoyed theirs.

There are also a ton of raw restaurants around now that sell wonderful creations that would probably take me much (much) longer to prepare (than a simple salad), so when I wanna splurge and get some fancier raw cuisine, I sprint over to:

Bonobo's (on East 23rd St.) and have the nut meat sushi with a chai coconut milk.
Or I go over to One Lucky Duck (on East 17th Street) and get the raw falafel salad and one of their many raw chocolate desserts and maybe a wheatgrass juice for good measure.
Or Caravan of Dreams (on East 6th Street) for the raw nachos
Or Rockin' Raw (in Williamsburg) for the Thai "Pasta" (I actually haven't been to this place yet, but a friend tells me it's amazing.)
Or Peacefood (on the UWS) and get their daily raw special and key lime pie (all vegan and raw!)

But ONE day I wanna learn to make the fancy stuff at home. I mean, if I knew how to make those raw nachos or that coconut chai?! I might not ever leave the house. So...hmm...maybe it's best if I don't learn how to make the fancy stuff at home.

Anyway, there's also an amazing raw ice cream that I got from Whole Foods the other day that I can't get enough of. Here's the website.

Oh and, if you go to any of these restaurants that I've listed (or find any that I haven't listed), let me know! I wanna hear about your experience.

Have a healthy and happy day! : )

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