Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful Tuesday!

The plan was to cook a huge vegan meal (pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli and chocolate chip cookies) and have a picnic in Central Park with Zack and play Scrabble, but then I realized that I didn't have the necessary equipment (blender) to make the meal, so I said, "Damn!" and then: "Fuck it." and then decided we should just go to Sacred Chow (vegan restaurant in the West Village) instead where we could get THE most amazing dessert on earth and then I wouldn't have to do dishes. "Better plan!"

The dessert's called "sinnerbar" and let me tell you it lives up to the name. It tastes like a Snickers bar with added coconut and extra caramel sprinkled with pure vegan magic...

Zack ate his with a fork. Imagine eating a Snickers bar with a fork. Ridiculous. Anyway, we also had: beans and rice with vegan "cheese" (which the waiter RAVED about, but turned out to be eh), and a green salad with apple slices, yuba (soy fat crisps), and beets with a dijon mustard dressing (which I wanted to share with Zack but it turns out mustard disgusts him).  Z had an orange "chicken" hero. Yum! By the time we walked out of the restaurant we were so full that we were almost in a dangerous situation. We could've fallen into the street and been hit by a cab or mugged by a frail child. We were completely defenseless. Somehow we managed to get to the F train at West 4th Street and made it three stops to Delancey to volunteer with an after school program (as a part of NY Cares which we are both members). Zack played Scrabble with the boys and I read with the girls. I wish someone was there with a camera to take a picture of the scene. Meh! But no matter, I'm here to tell ya that we had fun. I sat with a little girl (maybe she was 9-years-old?) Her name was Priscilla. She had straight dark brown hair down to her waste and wore a pink tutu with Uggs (my kinda gal). She was a great reader. We got through three (picture) books (10 pages each with two sentences on each page) in 20 minutes, Then we made origami pop-up frog greeting cards with construction paper. But we were misinformed about the steps and accidentally gave our frog six eyes. Priscilla found a way to make it work, though and put a pink tongue in its mouth and a "Happy birthday, Dad!" (it was actually her dad's birthday) on the side and bam. Done. Then when the time was up for the kids to head out and say their goodbyes, Zack tried to steal a pink kickball from a 10-year-old. He did finally get a hold of it and then threw it and ran. Don't fret, though, the kid loved every minute of it.

By the time we left the recreation center, we were feeling much less full (and that just won't do), so we walked over a mile to a vegan ice cream parlor called Stogo. It has duh-lish-us ice-ah cream. They didn't have the key lime flavor that I usually get so I got a cookie sandwich with coconut based vanilla ice cream instead and Z got a medium-sized coffee-flavored soy ice cream which he thoroughly enjoyed...

We ate our second dessert of the day while we walked to 14th Street to catch the crosstown bus to the 1 train. 

When we got to the UWS, Zack decided he needed a third dessert, so we walked over to 16 Handles where they have 16 flavors of frozen yogurt and get this, it's a do-it-yourself yogurt place, meaning you actually find the cup yourself (small, medium or mega) and walk up to the frozen yogurt machines all by yourself and turn it on and put as much fro yo in your cup as you like...all without hardly any supervision. Then you walk over to a huge buffet of toppings (tiny reeses peanut butter cups and chocolate covered pretzels and gummy bears and bits of cheesecake and and and...) and put however much you like on top. Then you take your creation to get weighed and that's it. Genius. I couldn't fit one more morsel in my mouth after the ice cream sandwich, so I just oohed and ahhed the whole process. The place was PACKED and everyone looked so happy. People just had the look of: "I can't believe this place is real and this is really happening. This is a dream come true!" I'm really not even exaggerating. Then I threw Zack into a nearby wheelchair and rolled him home. (Not really. We walked.)

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