Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hip hip hurray! Ho! Heyyyyy! Ho!

Z and I are in Baltimore, Maryland for three days to go to a bunch of games and then we head over to Washington D.C. for a game on Friday. Truth be told, I'm not a baseball fan. I mean, it ayyite. But if I were given a choice between watching a baseball game or going to the dentist, I might have to think hard about my choice. I kinda like going to the dentist. The actual prodding and scraping isn't fun at all, but you leave plaque-free and with a sparkling smile, so that's cool. When you leave a baseball game (with Z) you're worn OUT from running from right to left field all night and eating crap (although I've kinda learned my lesson these days and have been bringing fresh produce and nuts with me to the game, so I no longer feel the junk food blahs anymore). Anyway, you leave a game feeling like you've been hit by a large truck (exaggeration), but what makes it bearable and even fun is being with Z and also that I get to take photos the whole time. I like to have a project...'cause if I were forced to watch the game for three hours, I might get bored out of my mind (no offense, Zee). I also love our pre-game meals at the Indian Buffet on Charles Street where we sit by the window and stuff ourselves and make fun of people walking by. We had a game we played yesterday where if a passerby was on our side of the street, we had to make fun of something about them (like what they were wearing or how they were walking, etc.) and we had to say something nice about people across the street like: "she has a lovely gait." Surprisingly, saying nice things about people made us laugh the hardest. Whatever we said just sounded so hilarious and phony and un-New-York-like: "I love the way his bag matches his pants!" Or, "Wow, that's a nice head of hair." We were laughing so hard at one point that Zack actually cried out that his face and belly hurt. I was leaking with joy. Literally. After eating all the dal, chai tea, and doughnut holes we could consume, we left and made our way back to the hotel with an hour to kill and took a nap. We woke up feeling refreshed. Well...Z felt refreshed, but I just felt more tired. Naps don't really work for me. I would rather just build up my tiredness for the night and recharge then, but it was nice to cuddle and take a snooze with the Z man. At 4pm we made our way over to the stadium. Zack was gonna be filmed for a TV station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, so my project for the day was to document like crazy...

Fun day.

Now (Thursday afternoon) I just got back from Whole Foods (which is 1.3 miles away from the hotel). I walked. The concierge claimed it couldn't be done by foot, but come on, I'm from New York City. One point three miles ain't nuthin for me. Anyway, I got there in less than 20 minutes. I'm kind of on a raw food kick right now, so as soon as I got there I looked for the raw food section. I found spicy kale chips, raw granola bars, apples, pears, bananas, a salad, and some whole wheat crackers to go with the freshly ground peanut butter that I brought from home. I bought it all. I'm gonna bring most of the stuff with me to the game today, so I'll be super-energized for the next six hours. Oh and I'm not bringing my fancy camera today. I'm gonna travel light (-ish) and just take photos with the iPhone. The camera on my phone has 8 megapixels on it, so the pictures should come out perfectly fine. Don't worry.

Until tomorrow!

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