Sunday, March 6, 2011

Los Angeles: A massage and The Adjustment Bureau

My cousin Joey hasn't been feeling good the past few days, so while he stayed in at the hotel and watched basketball (ugh), I walked over to a nearby massage place called Massage Company and had THE best and massage of my young life. It only cost $60 and it was absolutely fabulous. I'm extremely critical of massage therapists (being one myself), so when I say the massage was great, I mean it. The therapist's name was Kyle. His hands were large and strong. He worked out ALL my kinks. He looked like a fat Donald Sutherland with a beard and piercing blue eyes. Come to think of it he was kinda scary-looking, but his HANDS. His hands were amazing.

Then I (slowly and sleepily) walked back to the hotel and met up with the cousin. He was all jacked up on Sudafed, so he now felt strong enough to leave the hotel. We grabbed a couple free bottles of water (Did I mention that all the stuff in the mini bar is FREE? Well, it is.) and walked (he bounced) to the car. We had lunch at Erewhon again and then made our way over to the movie theater at The Grove.

Here's Joey waiting...for me to take a photo:

The Grove was BUZZING. It was jam packed with hipsters, hotties, and an Asian man with thick rimmed glasses that likes to stare.

We pushed through the crowd and made our way into the theater. I courageously whipped out my camera while the previews were playing:

BTW, this preview was for a movie called Hanna which looks like a fucking amazing movie. Really looking forward to its release. The Chemical Brothers did the soundtrack.

Anyway, we were there to see The Adjustment Bureau. Pretty good flick. Joey and I give it a 7 1/2 out of 10. Then we drove back to the hotel while listening to my music. I tortured Joey with love songs! Lots and lots of love songs. Like this one.

: )

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