Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aperture fun

Took some cool photos in class today. We experimented with the aperture. Remember that f-stop stuff I was talking about a couple of weeks ago? Well, aperture is another word for that. It basically controls the amount of time the lens stays open. Usually when a photo is taken the camera captures for one moment in time, but when you allow the lens to stay open longer, the camera takes in everything that's happening until the lens closes and layers those images on top of one another. You can set the apature to stay open from 2 seconds to 24 hours or even longer, if you want. Here's the result of leaving it open for 8 seconds:

(Oh and this isn't my regular class or teacher. This was a make-up class. My teacher's a dude and looks like Tim Lincecum, remember?)

The teacher stood still and just moved her arms every 2 seconds. Cool, huh?

Here's another cool shot:

Whoa. Looks like there's two of her!

And another in front of a white background (gives the photo a ghost-like feel):

And then I walked over to Whole Foods and took one more shot for good measure:

These would all look a lot better (less blurry) if I had a tripod, so I gotta get one-nah those soon.

I have a bunch of photo projects due on Sunday, so I must get my ass in gear and get to working on those.

Until next time, Folks...

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