Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Los Angeles: Today's the day

I fly back to NY and...

Zack's book comes out!

A lot of blood (well, maybe not blood), sweat and tears went into the making of this book. I'm very proud of him. Very very proud.

That is all.

**UPDATE** (That is *not* all.)

I read The Baseball on the six-hour plane ride instead of watching my mini JetBlue TV. It's so funny how I remember being there for every single moment of the book writing process. For the Fouls Balls in Pop Culture section, Zack and I watched all the TV shows and movies that have foul ball scenes in them and then we'd (he'd) tried to sum it all up. And since Zack didn't have any free time, we used that as our "date" time, so we killed two birds with one stone (awful expression) and had fun while "working.". Or when he was trying to describe the motion of the baseball stitchers stitching the first stitch on the ball, and I suggested that it was like slapping two people that are looking over your shoulder and now it's in the book! I mean, I only made a few (three) suggestions in the entire book, but it's interesting to look at the finished product now and recall that time and to know that I was involved and contributed in some way. Very cool.

I can't get over how even though I was behind the scenes, I'm still blown away by the finished product. I'm blown away by the level of concentration that it took to complete this book. Even when he was gong through some horrible times, Zack forced himself to write. What incredible drive and focus.

"Bravo, Schtuppy. Bravo."


  1. Proud moment indeed for both of you. We ordered our copy last night so it should be on its way. Can't wait to re-read some of those parts and read everything I didn't get to hear :)

  2. Yup! It came in on Thursday. Super fast :)

  3. Awesome. Happy reading. You're gonna love it. : )