Sunday, February 6, 2011

Florida: 79 degrees

I'm in Florida!

I know I know, I've been traveling so much the past month, but I don't have to be back at work for another two weeks, so I figured, "Why not go to Florida and warm up and meet my other half-brother and hang with grandma and share all the pics and details about my London trip with her in person." That's what I told myself.

I got a cheap cheap ticket on JetBlue. I also managed to get a great deal on a rental car. It's so fun to drive when I know it's only temporary. I would hate to be dependent on a car on a daily basis, but for 11 days, it's cool. I can play cheesy music and sing along at the top of my lungs while eating raw cashews and doing 80mph down 95.

I'm meeting Emmet (the other half-brother) on Tuesday. He lives only 20 minutes from my grandmother's house in Deerfield Beach. We're gonna meet at his place and then go out for a little din din.

Until then...

I'm gonna go to the beach (wearing SPF 75) and swim and frequent a place called Orangetheory Fitness. I need to SWEAT.

No pics worth sharing yet, but stay tuned. I gotchu, Boo.

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