Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Florida: Movie with Emmet

This was the second time seeing my half-brother Emmet, so we decided to do something fun and see a movie. We hadn't decided on a flick beforehand, so when we arrived at the theater, we had absolutely no idea what was playing or when anything started. We arrived at the cinema around 5:20pm and most of the movies had already begun. The only two movies that were beginning in less than an hour were Gnomio and Juliet and The Roommate, so we decided on the latter. Bad choice. I knew this was a scary-ish movie, so I wasn't expecting to love it (I don't really care for violent movies), but I thought, "How bad can it be?" Emmet didn't seem too thrilled either, but we decided to take a chance. Well, the acting, the script, the sex scenes, the the the...whole thing was just awful. I should have suspected something when we walked into an empty theater. At the end of the longest hour and fifty minutes of my life, we sat in silence as the credits crept up the screen. I don't know Emmet that well yet, so I wasn't that sure whether he was gonna say he liked it or not. He's a HUGE James Bond fan. So much so, that he ONLY goes to James Bond movies, but I wasn't sure how that Bond love would transfer to other types of films. There was something kind of thriller-ee/action-ee about this movie, so it could have gone either way. He might have enjoyed it. So I looked over at his face and waited for a response. As soon as the lights came up he said, "Wow." I thought to myself, "Is that a good wow or a bad one?" And then I just took a chance and said, "That was pretty awful." Luckily within seconds he agreed. : ) I told Emmet that I'd never seen a Bond movie and he was horrified. HORRIFIED. He instructed me to watch Goldfinger as soon as I get home. "Fine, Emmet! Fine." We left the theater still numb from the assault.

Emmet has to get up at 4am EVERY morning for work and needs to be in bed by 8:30pm, so we made a quick jaunt to a nearby Starbucks to sit and talk a bit more before he had to get home. We talked about random stuff. What was said wasn't that important, it was just nice to hang out with him. Every five minutes or so I kept reminding myself, "This is my brother!" And "We have the same dad!" It's so strange. I just can't get over it. All this new family. It's great.

We threw out our environmentally friendly cups and made our way back to the car. We walked passed a Mini Copper in the parking lot and I made some comment about how much I love 'em. I told him if I win the Lotto I'm buying one in hot pink and he laughed. Anyway... we got in the car and I proceeded to drive him home, but...there was a slight...bump in the road. There was literally a bump. I ran over a dead cat. I didn't know what it was until the very last moment. From a distance I thought it was a car part or something or a black t-shirt or a clear plastic bag filled with black fur. There was a car to my left and I couldn't move any further right because I was already in the right lane and there wasn't a shoulder. Anyway, the entire car jumped up in the air and my heart sank. I felt like I ran over a dead baby. I still feel bad about it. I'll survive, though. Can't say that about the poor kitty.

We made it back to his place a few minutes later.

We said our goodbyes and gave each other a big hug.

I've met three half-brothers so far. Now I just need to meet my half-sister, Teresa and I'll be all connected. I hope to make that happen soon...

I'm back in NYC now. I've really enjoyed connecting with family in the past month, but it does feel really good to be home. : )


  1. "the roomate"........will know to avoid tat one!

  2. Yeah, don't waste your money on that one. Ugh.