Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sassy Saturday

Rediscovered my love of ginger this week...

(You gotta click on the ginger photo! It's like the ginger is right there with you...)

That's about it about that.


I met up with Njeri today at that vegan restaurant that we went to last week called Bonobo's (remember?), but this time she brought her friend, Dan, to join us in our vegan extravaganza.

When I first got to the place, it was completely empty:

I saw a man pop his head in and then quickly leave as if he was frightened by what he saw. Njeri was 15 minutes late and I was starting to think I'd arrived on the wrong day. I texted Njeri, but no response. Ohboy. Finally she showed up. She had a good excuse, though, she was coming from work and got held up.

When Njeri took off her coat I was loving the skirt she had on, so I had to get a shot of it. (It's leather-free vegan, BTW!):

So remember that "random" guy that popped his head in a few minutes earlier (I just mentioned him like two sentences ago, so if you forgot him already, that'd be sad)? Well he turned out to be Njeri's friend, Dan! Dan works for a domestic violence organization...working to rehabilitate the *abusers*. Very cool.

Here are Dan and Njeri with their nutmeat entrees:

And here they are checking their Facebook profiles:


(Haha. Pot calling the kettle black, perhaps?)

I mentioned to Dan and Njeri that I started mediation classes at the Shambhala Center on and they informed me that they've been going there for years and that Dan actually organizes a bunch of the events there. Small world. I highly recommend checking this place out. The "public sitting" is free. It's much easier for me to meditate with other people around. You (that means *you*) should check it out. We all need to train our monkey minds to focus on the present.

Tomorrow? Taking a photography class in the morning and then watching the Oscars with some friends in the eve.

(Whoops. I guess I'm not focusing on the present by telling you what I'm gonna be doing tomorrow, huh? Shh.)

Stay tuned...

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