Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day twenty-three: The last hurrah

Last day in London...

I didn't do a whole lot during the day. I just puttered around Shane's house, read for a couple hours and then went over to Whole Foods to get some noshes for my flight back home. I was to meet up with Shane and Aaron at around 7:30pm, so I didn't have much time to dilly dally at the health food store. I was really looking forward to just having a chill night with the boys.

We met up at Shane's place around 8pm and ordered Indian food and watched a ridiculously raunchy show called Shameless while we ate. This show is a dark comedy about sex, pedophilia, homosexuality, etc. The interesting part is it airs on REGULAR television. As in... a NON-cable station. You get me? Do you understand what I'm tellin' you? They show tits and asses and curse like crazy and show things that people do behind closed doors when they're... using the toilet. They hide NOTHING. This show would never make it in America. We're farrrrrrrr too uptight.

Oh! Here are a few other random things to share about Europe:

Europeans don't say eggplant, they say, "aubergine."  I'd never heard this word before. This became an issue when I was trying to order what I thought was eggplant curry. I spent a good five minutes trying to describe what I wanted to the little Indian man and pointing furiously and yelling "Eggplant!!!" and finally just gave up and said, "Just give me the purple veg thing."

Arugula= "Rocket"

Vite-ah-mins= "Vit-ah-mins"


Any word that ends in "or" they add a "u." Like the word flavor is spelled "flavour." Color is spelled "colour" And so on.

That's all I can think of right now. I'll probably think of some others and add them later.

Anyway, back to my last night in London...

Here are the three of us (Aaron, Shane and me) being silly for the camera:

Here's Aaron getting angry at Google Maps:

Here's Shane trying to avoid the camera (as usual):

Here's Aaron (and Shane) eating yummy Indian food:

Here's me being way too serious for no reason:

I kinda look like an Irish alien.

And here's the 747 I took back to NYC:

It's 8:11pm right now and I'm back in New York City. (I guess this part is technically "day 24." Oh well! ) Lots to do. Lots to appreciate. Lots of loving memories to cherish.

My next adventure? Off to Florida in a few days (I kid you not).  What am I going to be doing in Florida, you ask? I'll be meeting my half-brother, Emmet, for the first time and also going to cheer up grandma. And the adventure goes on and on and...

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