Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thumping Thursday

My wonderful friend, Dorkys, came over tonight and watched a Jersey Shore marathon with me. She doesn't have cable, so she has to get her guido/guidette fix at my place. I'm sure she's got other friends that have cable, but no one would appreciate this show as much me. NO ONE!

Anyway, before we started the show, Dorkys tried to order her Indian meal online 'cause the *four* numbers that were listed on the Curry in a Hurry menu were busy. We couldn't figure out why a restaurant which seats only 20 people needs FOUR phone lines and why ALL of them were busy.


Ten minutes later she got through and ordered her chicken ticka masala. Bastards!

Here she is laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation (uh oh, we have a "situation"):

And then we put on the Shore...

Here's Dorkys getting INTO it (hell yeah!):

We couldn't believe he did that. And then...


: D

J.S. is great, but Dorkys is better.

Peace out!


  1. Hahaha! I love how I was scrolling through the pics and reading your little comments and I immediately thought, "Oh snap!" before I even read that you'd written the same. Hee hee! Let's do it again! I can't believe you got me hooked on those crazy fools.

  2. Awesome. :)

    Oh please, Girl, I haven't even BEGUN to get you hooked on fools. We still gotts watch The Hills and The City and and and...

  3. Oh but I've watched The Hills. I just haven't watched since Lauren left. And I want to watch Teen Moms. Lord knows why I'd want to watch that stuff, but I'm telling you...those shows work miracles on the self-esteem!

  4. Well, things got a lot more interesting since Lauren left! Teen Moms?! I might have to pass on that one. I DO have standards, Dorkys. : P