Monday, January 17, 2011

Day eight: The rain

Went solo today!

It rained all day, so any plans to walk around were ruined. RUINED, I tell ya. That's okay, I just went to an indoor mall with all the rest of the tourists and talked to my grandma via Gtalk. (I love Gtalk.) I then took the tube over to Whole Foods and ate a HUGE salad (whoop whoop) and used their free WiFi to Skype with my cousin in LA. Then took the bus to Shane's house and we watched some BBC by the fire.

I didn't take one photo. C'est La Vie!

Tomorrow I'm on my own again, so Shane convinced me to take a day trip to Oxford. (He got his masters in neuroscience from Oxford, BTW. Umm. Holy shit.) The area's supposed to be quite beautiful, so I'm looking forward to taking some amazing photos.

Wednesday I'm meeting the bro for an adventure. Thursday? Hanging with the cousin. Friday? Spending the night at Sam and Sara's place in Cambridge, England. (They just moved there from NY.) Saturday? Meeting another friend for dinner. And Sunday? I'm off to Ireland for a week to hang with a ton of family there.

Good times? Good times.

: )

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