Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day eighteen: Marion and Eimer

Very easy day. Hung out with the aunt for most of the day. She shared more details about my dad. We both cried at least once. It was that kind of talk. Good, but... No but. It was good.

I then met Eimer for dinner. We hung out for a couple hours and shat the shit (shit the shat?). I showed her the YouTube video of that Indonesian 2-year-old smoking baby. She'd never seen it. Eimer had a look of horror on her face for a good 5 minutes. We also talked about what male celebs we find hot. She ADORES Jeff Bridges. (To each his own.) She actually started moaning when she spoke his name. I mentioned Channing Tatum, of COURSE. I mean, hello.

Here's Eimer:

Tomorrow afternoon? Meeting my uncle, William, for lunch. At night? Get ready for this! I'm going to a Psychic Society meeting with Marion and Jimmy. It'll be entertaining for sure. I'll explain more in the next entry...

Love! Love! Love!

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