Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day nine: Oxford

Oxford is a city in South East England. Oxford University is the oldest university in the English-speaking as far back as the 11th Century. The campus is huge. The university is scattered all over the town. The area's bustling with young people and...tourists. I think it became super-duper popular to photograph once Harry Potter was filmed here. (90% of the film was shot at Oxford). This was a VERY touristy place to be. I mean, 3/4 of the people were either French or Asian or Italian. I didn't see many actual students, but the area itself is so old world beautiful that I was happy just to be around the buildings and take a ton of photos...

(BTW, you should click on all the photos and make them bigger to get the full effect,)


Look familiar, Harry Potter Fans?

Those are Japanese tourists up ahead...

As I walked outside of the campus, I saw a ton of souvenir shops and whatnot...
Is that Harry Potter?!

: (
Alcohol-free zone! Wut wut!

Heading back to London. That's me in the waiting area at the bus terminal photographing my refection (as if that wasn't clear).

Getting on the bus...

The bus let me off in Notting Hill and then I had to take two tubes to get back home. I picked up some Indian food and was back at Shane's place by 7pm. much as I've enjoyed all the sites that I've seen and the pictures that I've taken, I have officially had it with touristy stuff. Today my plan is to meet up with my brother Aaron at his place and eat and watch a movie. Yes!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Love the picture of the dog on a yoga mat - downward facing dog!

  2. I took about 10 pics of that dog. He looked so sweet. I have NO idea where the owner was! I imagined him carrying that backpack throughout the streets of Oxfordshire. So sad.