Monday, January 31, 2011

Day twenty-one: Back to London

My flight back to London was at 3:30pm, so that meant I had to leave by 1pm to get to the airport on time. It was already 11:30am by the time I ate breakfast, showered and packed, so I quickly went over to my cousin, Brian's, house (walking distance from Joan's place) to say my final goodbyes to the kids:

Seamus, Joan and I were on the road by 1:05pm. We made it to the airport by 1:30pm.

It was sad saying goodbye to Joan and Seamus, but I promised to come back in the summer or fall...when it's WARMER. Jesus.

I made it back to Shane's place by 7:30pm. Aaron and Shane were waiting there for me with big smiles. Shane made a reservation at a great Japanese restaurant down the street. He'd been raving about this place for-EVER, so I was pretty excited to finally go there. Shane's (awesome!) friend, Rob, also joined us.

By 8pm we were sitting in this very traditional-looking Japanese sushi restaurant. Sushi is hard to come by in England. It's very *very* expensive here, so when we walked in and it was jam packed with people I knew the food was gonna be good.

Rob used to live in Japan, so he picked up quite a bit of the language while he was there. Here he is giving the waitress our order in JAPANESE:

They were talking to each other in Japanese and having a grand ol' time.

Rob ordered a wide variety of stuff. I hadn't tried 95% of it before, so I told myself that I would eat whatever was brought to the table, including a PORK dumpling. (If any of you know me at all you know that I usually don't eat meat...let alone pig meat, so this was quite a big deal and Rob took a photo to properly document the moment):

In addition to living most of my life as a vegan, I also grew up keeping kosher, mother probably turned in her grave when I took the first bite of pig flesh. How did it taste? Pretty good. Like chicken. I honestly wasn't THAT impressed with pork. It was ayyite. I found the doughy dumpling part to be tastier, actually.

The other food, however, was freaking AH-MAY-ZING. Here's a shot of this fried tofu dish that was super-yummy:

Rob and Aaron did a super-gay clap to let the world know how much they were enjoying their food:

Actually, Aaron just looks like he's praying, but trust me, he was clapping...gayly.

Here are some more shots of the evening:

I have no idea what they're gesturing about. The size of their "sushi?" (I'm terrible.)

And here's a shot of my ice cream. It's ginger (on the right) and banana (on the left). Yes, the banana ice cream was brown:


We said goodbye to Rob (who, BTW, is my BIGGEST blog fan of all time) and Aaron and Shane and I went back to the cousin's place to chill. We all watched a plethora of vampire themed shows/movies: True Blood (which might be my new favorite show) and Interview with a Vampire (I couldn't take Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt seriously in this flick at all). He are the fellas engrossed super-sexy True Blood:

It's 1:04pm right now (the next day) in London and I'm about to got to Whole Foods to eat a huge salad and get a couple shots of wheatgrass juice.

Healthy eating will now resume.

And then guess what Aaron and I are doing later this evening? We're meeting our half-brother, Adam, for the first time!!! Neither one of us have ever met him. Adam hasn't met *any* of the half-siblings yet. I found Adam on Facebook and emailed him and now...we're going over to his place in East London for dinner. Amazing amazing amazing. Very excited.

Stay tuned...


  1. Yay for vampire themed evenings! And I love that you watched it after eating pork... hahahaha

  2. AND I'm reading Twilight while I'm here! Vampires!