Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day thirteen: A friend and family

After I got back from Cambridge, I had a few hours to get the blog together and get ready to meet my friend at his place in Swiss Cottage (an area just a few tube stops away from Shane's place).

My friend's name is Carl. He's Irish and fun. He teaches English at a nearby High School. He's also working on his PHD in education. Good guy.

Anyway, here he is in his place:

We hung out for a few hours and chatted about nutrition the entire time. I kid you not. We watched a video called Food Matters and it was absolutely fascinating. I had a lovely time.

I then ran off at 7:45pm to meet the cousin and bro at a vegetarian restaurant on "Old Street." I met Shane, Mike (his boyfriend), and Aaron at the train station and then we walked over to the restaurant together. It was a brutal walk. The weather is terribly cold these days, but it's still not as cold as NYC, I suppose, so I should shut up. Fine.

Here's Shane and Mike at the veg place:

The restaurant's called Carnevale. T'was quite nice. It looked very plain (inside and out), but the food was amazing. The waiter was very attentive and treated us like we were in a fine dining establishment. (Hell yeah!)

Aaron was up all night drinking with some Italian friends at some techno club and showed up a tad bit hungover, so to make him feel a little more "balanced," he ordered a Bloody Mary.

He was still just as cheerful as ever:

We were all super-satisfied with our meals. Shane was super-duper-uper satisfied with his creme brulee. He was very upset when I asked him to stop eating it, so I could take a photo.

Here he is giving me the evil eye:

And that's pretty much it. Shane and I took three tubes and a bus to get back home. We made it back around midnight. I was in bed by 12:30pm.

Groovy? Groovy.

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