Friday, January 14, 2011

Day four: The Tate and stuff

The plan: Meet Aaron at the Tate Museum at 1pm.

The bro was running late, so I waited in front of the museum and took photos...

When Aaron got there, we made our way inside.

Aaron is a smarty pants and it's wonderful. It's great to be around that kind of energy.  He's so passionate about life and learning and sharing his knowledge with a humble way. I love that even though Aaron knows a lot, he's super-humble and open minded and doesn't need to prove anything to anyone or show off. I really admire that. Being intelligent is its own reward. I mean, hello. He's knowledgeable about a bunch o' stuff and art is no exception. Our dad was an artist and his mom is an artist, so I guess it's in our genes to be creative people. I studied art at Sarah Lawrence College, but don't remember much of the art history stuff. He does.


Throw all of that out the window, 'cause when we got inside we pretty much made fun of most of the "art" that we saw...

Aaron photographs egg thingie

This guy just walked up to Aaron and started talking about sculpture. This happened three times during the course of our tour. Aaron just has that kind of friendly energy. Strangers just kept walking up to him and asking him questions and chatting with him. 

Okay, so...Aaron saw a bird with its head in the water and I saw a whale with its eye popping out.  Whatever it was, neither one of us was impressed.

I kinda like this abstract stuff, but Aaron was like, "It's crap, innit?"

We both laughed so hard when we saw this. I mean, really? WHERE IS THE SKILL HERE? This artist must've been on some serious meds. Most artists are nuts. I mean, statistically this has proven to be true. Anyway, "Next!"

Hey! My name is in there (sort of)! 

Can you see what he's photographing? It's two birds nailed to the wall with arrows through their bods. Lovely. 

We just kept laughing at everything that we saw. Lots of giggling going on. I hope no one was offended.

Oh...and check this shit out. We walked into a small dark room to find this:

It's a video of a woman pouring blood all over her naked body. The room was filled with men. Go figure. I don't think they were there because they were artistically moved, is all I'm saying. Then the woman got down on the ground and starting rolling around and rubbing feathers all over her body. Aaron thought she was rolling in Parmesan cheese. I think he was seeing what he wanted to see, 'cause we were both super-hungry by this point.

And then...


KInda cool. 

It looks like the rug display at IKEA.

It's The Blob! Or...does it look like that character from Ghostbusters? The Slimer (minus the mouth)? Jesus.

We were annoyed and ravenous. There was one more floor to see, but we skipped it. We wanted FOOD!

We got the fuck out of the museum and made a mad dash to Borough Market which was only a few blocks away...

But I almost lost my appetite when I saw this:

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Those are all dead animals (rabbits, ducks, a deer?) just hanging there. They'll be there for thirty days and then they'll be cooked. 

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

I took a deep breath and kept walking...

And then we found a juice bar(!) that had wheatgrass shots! Aaron and I both got large veggie juices with wheatgrass in it. It's official, Aaron Jolley really is my brother. This proves it. He's super-health conscious: hardly drinks, doesn't smoke or do drugs, only eats whole foods (no fast food), exercises all the time, takes spirulina and other vitamins. Holy shit. Maybe there's something to this gene theory after all.

I got a shot of Aaron waiting for his juice...

We finally got some actual food. I bought a veggie curry dish with rice and he got a mozzarella sandwich. 

Here he is getting a shot of his meal...

After we ate, we walked and talked and walked. I took pics along the way...

What a lovely day. 

I met up with Shane back at his place and we ordered Indian take-out and watched Sherlock Holmes on the telly. I was in bed before 11pm (6pm NY time). I guess all this family stuff is wearing me out. In a good way. : )

Until tomorrow...

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